What supplements are in my kitchen right now?

What supplements are in my kitchen right now?

My Current Supplements


Protein Powder - Muscle Milk Collegiate

I use this protein powder because it is higher in calories/carbs than most other drinks and can be used as a meal replacement for breakfast. This protein powder is good for someone who's activity level is high and has a hard time gaining weight.

This product is also NSF certified which means the product is tested to verify the label compared to product contents.  It is also screened for more than 200 substances banned by most athletic organizations.
*Please note that most products in the supplement industry are not tested so this is a big deal.

Low carb option: If you are looking to shed weight, a lower carb version would be worth considering.

Pre-workout drink - BSN NO Xplode

A pre-workout drink is certainly optional. I like to drink one because it helps me 'wake up' after a long work day at a desk. It has been my experience that people's opinion on which pre-workout is best varies wildly.

I chose BSN because it works for me and I want to buy my pre-workout from one of the larger companies based on the assumption that they will have more resources to invest in R&D and should be more trustworthy in terms of what is in the product. Please don't buy a supplement product from some no name company because there is no telling what is in it.

During workout drink - BSN AminoX

It is difficult for me to validate if this product helps or hurts. I have only been taking this for 2 weeks but fundamentally I agree that amino acids should help. I will have to report back on this product.

Other items:

  • Multi-vitamin

  • Fish Oil

  • Joint support - MSM / glucosamine

What workout gear do I use?

What workout gear do I use?

Diet Pill & Seizure Medication! What a deal

Diet Pill & Seizure Medication! What a deal