Financial Independence – What if Money Didn’t Matter?

Financial Independence – What if Money Didn’t Matter?

I was driving across the longest bridge over water in New Orleans and just had a terrible day at work…so I thought to myself, what would I do if money didn’t matter?

I used to drive the causeway bridge every day for this corporate job I was working selling copiers…if there ever was a job that you would drive into work every day thinking God can’t want this and you just wanted to bleach your eyeballs every day, this was it.

So I was just hating this job…

I had just gotten finished getting chewed out by one of my customers. He was actually the business manager of the Catholic monastery. So imagine getting chewed out by a bunch of monks and it was just a bad feeling.

I thought to myself, wow, I can’t go on living like this…its is a waste of my talents.

So I asked myself “really why do I work in a job that I can’t stand every day?”…and that’s when I got to the main question that changed my life..

What would you do if money didn’t matter and you had complete financial independence? 


And I never thought about this before, but I was thinking, “I’d open up an indoor sports arena like an indoor soccer because I love soccer and football and flag football…And then I thought, you know, maybe I would also like help others to create money so that they could live their purpose…and if money didn’t matter, I would serve my church more, I would give more, I would spend more time with my family.”

Now, here’s the secret…however you answer that question or however you answered that question is probably what you should be doing right now.

Most people are just kind of enslaved to this idea that they’ve got to put their time in, in order to get money and they don’t do what it takes in order to develop the passive income that provides for their family, provides for all the reasons that you have a job so that you could live your higher purpose.


So, you know, it was interesting about that conversation is directly after I asked that question and I answered it for myself. I called my wife and I had never had a conversation about this before.

And so I asked her, “what can you see me doing if we had….just say we had $10,000,000 in our bank account…what could you see me doing?”

And she said, I don’t know….”maybe playing music or something….or opening up an indoor sports arena or something like that.”  So at that point I had this aha moment where I was like, SOLD…

And I just had that thought out of the blue after asking this question, than I should probably pursue this.


So with absolutely no money, in fact, negative money, I just started pursuing this dream to open up an indoor sports arena and play music and giving back as my why…

So after about a month of just exploring every avenue possible to get to the point of financial freedom and be able to realize these dreams…I arrived at real estate investing being the most proven concept and quickest way to do so.

So long story short, I read all kinds of books, took online course…basically just immersed myself in everything there is to know about real estate investing and I went out and took action…few years later, I now have an indoor sports arena, able to give a ton of money to my church and people in need and spend time with my family whenever I want.

Now, if you feel like you need a job and you are working for money, then here’s the hard truth about it…you need to look in the mirror and be completely honest with yourself about it. If you are working for money, then you are a slave to money.

If you are putting your dreams on the back burner, if you have a higher purpose but you’re not pursuing it. If you are not serving others because you are too deep in the rat race, then you are a slave to money.

And what I suggest is if you are in that situation where you are a slave to money, that you start doing things to make money work for you. Instead of you working for money…develop passive income streams to make money work for you.

Now, what I did in that period of time, since driving across the bridge to opening up the arena, is I got involved in real estate investing…it was fast and something I really enjoy doing.

But basically I took that same concept that I’m no longer going to be a slave to money. I’m no longer going to make decisions to be in a job that I hate and spend the majority of my life, 40 hours a week and beyond…without even counting the time after those 40 hours I spend worrying about it.

I’m not going to spend my time being a slave to money. I’m going to spend my time serving others, living my life at a higher level, not living five inches in front of my face, but 500 feet up fulfilling my purpose and using the gifts and the talents that God has given me.

So if that sounds like you, that I can direct you towards on my website, where you can learn more about real estate investing and get a whole bunch of great free resources.


And if I can help you in any way or if you have any questions…don’t hesitate to reach out at 

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Golfer, Musician and Father

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