6 Steps to Improve your Marriage this Weekend

6 Steps to Improve your Marriage this Weekend

Move towards a Goal . . . Together

It is so easy to get caught up in daily life and just go through the motions. Stop, evaluate where you are at and brainstorm on where you want your life to go. What makes this really powerful is that you should do this with your wife; just chat it out! Talk about your individual and collective goals and design the dream life that you both can get excited about.


  • At this very moment, do you even know what your wife’s goals are?  What is she really thinking right now and what does she want out of life?  You have to know these things, how can you help give her what she wants in life if you don’t even know what those things are.
  • Getting on the same page about your collective goals will put you and your wife on the same team as you go out to conquer your goals instead of you both going along 2 different paths.


Want to Improve your Marriage? Improve yourself

Not feeling significant or appreciated can be tough on a marriage. It has a death spiral to it because you are not going to give appreciation to your wife if you don’t feel appreciated yourself. It is like your tank is empty and you have nothing to give. To a lesser extent, this also exists in a mediocre fashion where a husband only gives his wife mediocre attention if that is all he receives in the relationship. For this to be an epic weekend for your marriage, you have to find a way to GIVE GIVE GIVE even if your tank is empty.

If you want more attention, you are going to have to give more attention. Focus intently on her and really spend the weekend with her. Don’t sit next to her while you co-watch a show where you don’t talk, do something that involves more interaction like taking the family to the park.

Additionally, do some practical things like chores around the house. What the heck would happen if you did the dishes, folded the clothes and vacuumed the house? You’d probably get tackled into the bed that night, right?

Finally, none of this will work if you are no fun to be around. You may think your wife is OK with the fact that you are grumpy all the time but I bet she would like you a whole lot more if you had tons of energy and were generally very positive all weekend long.

Not feeling energetic or very positive? Well, you are just going to have to fake it for now. Make the choice to act like a winner, own the weekend and then your marriage.


Here are the 6 steps that you can do this weekend to improve your marriage:

  1. Say you want to brainstorm together about the future – daydream a bit and have fun with it. Design a compelling future that you can both get excited about.
  2. Write down your goals for the next 5 years with dates.
  3. Use these goals plus additional smaller wants/desires to create a vision board. This is just a collection of pictures that will represent your dream life.
  4. Pay attention to her. If you want to feel significant, make her feel significant first.
  5. Do the dishes, fold clothes, etc. Remember, you need to out give her this weekend!
  6. Be upbeat and don’t complain. No one wants to be around a negative person who is no fun, this includes your wife!
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